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HIFU Face Treatment

HIFU is truly a remarkable breakthrough in technology, offering a truly non-invasive alternative to a surgical face lift. A MUST have treatment option, and the only FDA approved treatment with a specific intent for improvement of lines and wrinkles on the face , penetrating to depths only previously possible with surgery.

HIFU protects the skin surface, whilst precisely penetrating at deeper depths and higher temperatures than Radio Frequency for example. Treating beyond the Dermis and Foundation layers, where structural weakening starts.

Tissue at the target point is heated to ~65°C. Thermal Heat is created with the skin tissue creating both spaced ‘wounds’ and cellular friction - which in turn promotes healing, immediately contracts collagen and stimulates a rapid production.


Over the next 90-180 days, the wound-healing response from the HIFU Face lift stimulates long-term tissue and leads to further lifting and tightening, with results that can last years.

HIFU face lifts also help to improve the tone and all the features of your face such as your eyes, cheeks, mouth, chin and skin. Also making it a viable alternative to toxins and fillers, with the benefit of being able to maintain facial expression. Excellent for post surgical face lift to maintain the lift and treat blood stasis, scarring, and numbness.

Yearly HIFU face lift top ups are recommended to fight the signs of skin ageing.

What are the benefits of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)?


As a completely non-surgical, non-invasive procedure, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound offers patients many benefits over other procedures. Its Clinically Proven Safe and Effective with FDA approval. A Cost Effective Alternative to a Surgical Face Lift with No Need for Anaesthesia or Sedation. No Incisions or Risk of Infection. No Downtime. Results can be seen after just one treatment with Results  that can last for 2 years plus

With the advantage of three depth cartridges (1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm), HIFU has the capability of penetrating to depths only previously possible with surgery. 

Body Enhance Aesthetics qualifications & experience for this Treatment


Qualified in HIFU in July 2018 and not only a Practitioner but also a HIFU trainer for a UK based worldwide HIFU Training provider.

Diploma in Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology & A Diploma in Advanced Anatomy and Physiology (with a distinction).

Level 4 Diploma in Skin Care & Treatment

With clients traveling to Body Enhance from London, Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Our clients have consisted of multiple nurses and even doctors.

The Treatment

Before the treatment

A consultation is carried out to check suitability for the treatment and to discuss what areas you would like to treat.


During the Treatment

Treatment takes place in our home based clinic with plenty of parking and no interruptions with you being the only client we see at the time.

The visit takes 40mins to 2 hours depending on the areas you have selected for treatment with the actual treatment taking 10-40 mins with a 15 min collagen mask to follow.


After the treatment

There is no downtime after the treatment and you can return to work immediately however you may have some mild redness and swelling of the treated area.


What areas can be treated?

Forehead frown lines, Eyebrows, Hooded or droopy eyelids, Crow’s Feet, Cheeks plumpness, Double chins, Jowls, fat deposits and loss of definition to the jawline, Sagging neck

How many sessions will I need?

Usually only one session is required. Most improvement can be seen within 3-4 weeks, with further improvement being reported for up to 6 months. Some areas may benefit from more than 1 treatment but we encourage you to wait 4 months to realize results from 1st visit before paying for more. If you do feel more is required within an area we will do this in the first 6 months with a 25% discount.

How long will the results last?

Results can last 2+ years depending on your age, health and lifestyle.

Does the treatment hurt?

We like to administer the treatment at a high setting to get you great results for your money from 1 treatment so you do not need a course of 3 as some clinics are selling. Therefore our treatment is a little more uncomfortable but we get you better results for less money. A numbing cream is applied to make the treatment more comfortable and the client is advised to take Paracetamol before the treatment. We also suggest you book your treatment for when you are mid cycle as you are least sensitive at this time and it will allow us to turn the machine up higher giving you better results.

Am I suitable for the treatment?

Certain medications and supplements can interfere with the healing and so can not be taken for the week leading up to and the week following the treatment but these are discussed at the consultation.

Some medical conditions can make you unsuitable for the treatment. If you have concerns regarding these please contact us via email or phone and we will discuss with you.

What medications interfere or stop me from having this treatment?

Blood thinning medications including aspirin and ibuprofen should be stopped at least one week before the treatment.

Also supplements such as vitamin E, St Johns Wort, Ginkgo Biloba, Fish Oil should be discontinued a week before the treatment to avoid bruising.

Topical retinoids and Alpha-Beta Hydroxy Acids must be discontinued about 2 weeks prior to treatment.


I've had fillers, Injectables or a Thread lift - can I still have the HIFU?

You can however it is worth mentioning that the HIFU can in some cases breakdown the injected product or the threads so it is recommended to have your HIFU when these are wearing off versus straight after having injectables or threads.

Lip filler however is not affected at all so you can have a HIFU at anytime with lip fillers without a risk of breaking down the filler.

Will I be bruised after the treatment?

Most clients do not as we advise you avoid anything that thins the blood like aspirin etc for a week prior to treatment however there is always a risk of bruising, this is however very rare in our experience.


Can I wear makeup after?

We recommend not to for 48hrs however as the skin has not been broken on the outside and there is therefore no risk of infection you can wear makeup if necessary but for best results you should plan your treatment for a time when you are comfortable not wearing makeup for a couple of days. Eye makeup such as liner and mascara is still fine.

Places are selling courses of 3 treatments - why are you only one  treatment?

This technology has been around since 2012 and until recently has always been just one treatment needed (in most cases). Many salons are turning down the strength of the machine to make the treatment more comfortable and therefore can sell you 3 treatments rather than 1 to obtain the same results that can be achieved with 1 if a higher setting is used (they also may not apply numbing cream like we do). Other salons are selling 3 treatments one month apart, but at 1 month in you would have barely started to see all the results as the deeper controlled trauma takes between 3-6 months to appear. You may not even need the 2nd or 3rd treatment you've purchased.

Body Enhance Images

All HIFU Face Before and After Images used by Body Enhance are of my own achieved results. The Before images were taken immediately before the treatment and the after image is immediately after the treatment unless stated otherwise.

Some images contain an additional image supplied by our clients with an update of how the effects of the treatment continued weeks after. An instant result and improvement is often seen but the full effects of the treatment appear gradually over 3-6 months. 

For latest before and after images please see the social media sites. Unfortunately these have removed from the site with the change over and we hope to have back on here soon.

HIFU Face Treatment

Brief video of Zoe from Body Enhance Aesthetics talking through the HIFU face treatment.

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